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Are You Organized Or Disorganized?

Are you organized or would you lose your head if it was not attached? We will help you find out!


Question 1/10
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It's your Grandma's birthday. What do you do?
Send a card ahead of time.
Call or visit her today.
Call or visit her tomorrow after your mom reminds you.
Send a belated card.

Question 2/10
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Do you prepare your coffee maker before bed or when you wake up?
Before bed, so I don't have to waste time in the morning.
In the morning so I don't have to deal with it before bed.
I don't drink coffee.
Someone else makes the coffee.

Question 3/10
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When people are coming to visit, what do you do?
Quickly clean up
Prepare snacks and drinks
Meet them outside so they don't see the mess
Think of something to do when they arrive

Question 4/10
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On Facebook, your photos are....
Neatly categorized into appropriately named folders
Mixed up and mostly posted on my wall
Tagged with everyone who is in them
Tagged with anyone who may want to see them

Question 5/10
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You are preparing supper for your family. What do you do?
Order something
Find a new and simple recipe
Choose one of your many available recipes
Throw something together quick and easy

Question 6/10
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You are half way to work when you realize you forgot something. What is it likely to be?
Your planner
Your wallet
Turning the lights off
Nothing. I forget nothing.

Question 7/10
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Where are your keys?
Hanging on a hook
Somewhere in the living room
In your pocket or purse
Probably somewhere

Question 8/10
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The worst part of laundry is....
Sorting the clothes
Folding the clothes
Putting the clothes away
Finding time for it

Question 9/10
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Grocery shopping involves...
Budgeting and making a list
Remembering what you need
Gathering whatever looks good
Putting back what you can't afford

Question 10/10
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Markers are great for....
Labeling things
Writing when you cannot find a pen
Leaving notes

You are organized! You know exactly where your keys are, and you can locate your receipts and find your shoes without effort. You like things to be neat with everything in its place. This helps you to succeed at anything you put your mind to.

You are disorganized, but that is not a bad thing. You may not be able to find your keys or your shoes without launching a search, but your mind is free to think outside of the box, and you are most successful in imaginative pursuits.

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