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Are You More Steve Carell Or Michael Scott?

Everyone is either Steve Carrell or his on screen character, Michael Scott? When it comes right down to it, who are you more like? Are you more feared or loved? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
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You're on a business trip and can stay at any hotel chain. Which do you choose?
La Quinta
Best Western
Four Seasons

Question 2/10
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Everyone's gotta eat! Where would you most like to grab lunch?

Question 3/10
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Which vacation sounds most appealing to you?
An all inclusive trip to Sandals in Jamaica.
A ski trip in Aspen.
A food tour of Italy.

Question 4/10
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People often say that you're a bit too....

Question 5/10
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What's your favorite way to cook up a steak?
On a Foreman Grill.
On a real outside grill.
In a cast iron pan.

Question 6/10
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Which color car would you most likely buy?

Question 7/10
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How do you give back to the world?
I advocate for important causes.
I run a 5k.
I donate to telethons.

Question 8/10
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Nothing beats waking up to the smell of...
Cinnamon buns

Question 9/10
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How important is winning to you?
Very important.
Somewhat important.
Not important at all.

Question 10/10
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What's the weirdest thing we'd find in your phone?
Pictures of puppies.
A nude photo.
Lots of selfies.

Michael Scott
You're most like Michael Scott! Much like this famous character from "The Office," you're about 50% quirkiness and 50% behavioral oddity. Though good at heart, you can often be self centered and a bit narcissistic. Sometimes, it's hard for you not to want attention or recognition, which can lead to some rather interesting forms of fantasy thinking. Worry not, you're still a good egg through and through!

Steve Carrell
You're most like Steve Carrell! Intelligent, kind, and giving. Your sense of humor is just one facet of your personality that makes you so great. You instantly give off a vibe of warmth and kindness, even if you're just going about your day. Quick and witty, you have the true gift of comedy and a knack for timing.

A Mix Of Both!
You're both Michael and Steve! Sweet, but a bit on the foolish side. You often set out with good intentions in life, only to find your best laid plans often blow up in your face. Though you don't always seek attention, sometimes it feels nice to get a bit of recognition for all that you do. Odds are, you've had more than one run in with a George Foreman grill and have run at least 5k for rabies.

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